Real Madrid Would Have Bought Another Ballon d’Or For Cristiano Ronaldo If He’s still - 1441 Views

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JUST IN! Cristiano Ronaldo‘s agent Jorge Mendes has claimed that if his client is still a Real Madrid player, he would have been awarded the Ballon d’Or in one of the last two seasons. The Portuguese departed Los Blancos in 2018 and since then the prize was given to Luka Modric and Lionel Messi, respectively. 

Cristiano deserved to win the Ballon d’Or at least once in the last two years,” Mendes said in an event organised by the Italian newspaper Tuttosport.

“If he had played at Real Madrid, he would have won it, but next year I think he can win it again.

“He won the Nations League and he is a champion.

“But he knows what he should do and then we will see what happens in 2020.” 

The Portuguese super agent went on to label his compatriot as the best player in the history of the sport.

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Cristiano for me is the best player in the history of world football,” Mendes added.

“Portugal before Cristiano had won nothing.

“With Cristiano they have won the European Championship and Nations League, [while] in 2004 they were a finalist in the European Championship too. 

Mendes also stressed his client’s importance in Real Madrid‘s efforts to break Barcelona‘s domestic dominance.

“[Ronaldo] arrived at Real Madrid in 2009, when Barcelona were the best team in history and had the core of the Spanish national team,” Mendes noted.

“Spain were world champions and had won the European Championship twice.

Cristiano changed everything. He won the Champions League four times.

“It is impossible to compare a player with Cristiano.” 

While it seems Mendes may have forgotten that Ballon d’or is given to individuals, based on performance on the pitch and not just winning trophies with the team. Also it seems Mendes is indirectly saying that Real Madrid did bought some ballon d’or for Ronaldo

Ronaldo is one the great player in the world but that shouldn’t blind us from understanding the fact that he’s growing old, he’s not a machine.
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